Manufacturer Provided Description

Manufacturer Provided Description:

A modified fin keel with skeg-hung rudder makes the Caliber 40LRC exceptionally responsive and quick, with outstanding directional stability even through pounding seas. Because she has an unusually large displacement for a boat of her size, the Caliber moves steadily in heavy seas, and because of her high ballast-to-displacement ratio, the Caliber is very stable (and therefore safe) in rough water. Much of the Caliber's weight is due to her superior construction and not just added ballast, so Caliber owners can be extra certain that their boat can take what the sea dishes out. Other builders may extol their use of exotic new building materials to save weight, but Caliber Yachts sticks with hefty, hand-crafted lamination - a time-tested construction method that provides layer upon layer of strength against tough offshore conditions. It's the reason why the Caliber 40LRC feels so solid - and why Caliber Yachts guarantees its hulls for life against structural defects to the original owner. Caliber Yachts are built for outstanding resistance to collisions, with extra layers of solid fiberglass at potential impact points. In case of damage to the bow or rudder, a watertight collision pocket and a rudder post dam are designed to minimize flooding.

Elsewhere on the Caliber 40LRC, thoughtful features add flexibility and control, which makes for extra safety. For instance, the optional Convertible Cutter Rig with a retractable inner forestay instantly lets a Caliber change with the weather, from a swift sloop into an easily controlled cutter. It's a real lifesaver when winds turn heavy. The rudder is the most vulnerable appendage on any boat's hull, but Caliber has taken extra measures so that the rudder assembly is strong and well-protected: the rudder's steel core is welded to a shaft of solid 1.5-inch diameter stainless steel. The Triple-Support Rudder System shares the rudder's load among three bearings - one more than on most boats. For ease of maintenance and protection from corrosion, the upper rudder bearing, which supports most of the rudder's load, is housed inside the boat. The structural skeg not only supports the lower end of the rudder and shaft, but also helps shield the entire assembly from damage in a grounding. Moreover, Caliber Yachts takes four steps to join and seal the hull to the deck. These steps make the Quad-Seal Deck to Hull System extremely strong and dry: first, a tough, waterproof polyurethane adhesive chemically bonds the hull and deck; second, a waterproof co-polymer sealant ensures a watertight flange; third, an aluminum toe-rail is bonded to the hull and deck with polyurethane and thru-bolted with 0.25-inch stainless steel bolts set at six-inch intervals; finally, a stainless steel striker fastened around the rub-rail provides an additional moisture seal, and protects the hull around pilings and docks.

The internal keel, tanks, and sub-sole on the Caliber 40LRC are actually integrated as part of the hull. The keel is not just bolted on, the sub-sole doesn't just support furniture, and the tanks are not just dropped in place; rather, each object is heavily bonded into place. This integrated structure offers many significant advantages: a deeper bilge prevents water from sloshing into lockers while the boat is heeled, there are no external keel bolts to maintain or cause leaks, the weight of the keel and primary sea loads are evenly distributed throughout the entire grid structure, the integral tanks enhance the hulls strength and serve as a double bottom that can prevent flooding if the hull is holed at the location of the tanks, and ballast is sealed within the keel as a safeguard against flooding if the keel is holed.

The Caliber 40LRC's roomy cockpit is designed for safety and efficiency, even when sailing shorthanded. All sail control lines are led aft to the cockpit, and all winches are self-tailing for one-handed use. Even mainsail reefing, an awkward chore on many boats, is quick and easy on the 40LRC, thanks to the single-line auto-reefing system with cockpit controls. The T-shaped cockpit accommodates an extra-large diameter wheel to allow a skipper to sit off to the side for a clear view of the sails. With the cockpit's generous proportions, there's room for the tallest sailor to relax. An insulated cockpit icebox keeps cold food and drinks within easy reach. At the stern, a boarding platform makes it simple to board a dinghy or take a swim. The platform's folding ladder can be deployed from the water, allowing safe, quick access - even for an unassisted swimmer. A handheld shower provides a rinse-off right on the platform. At the forward end of a Caliber is another handy, functional feature: a distinctive anchor roller platform. Sturdily constructed of teak and stainless steel, the platform simplifies anchor handling and reduces the risk of the anchor chipping the hull's gelcoat.

In terms of accommodations, the Caliber 40LRC is graciously appointed. Her sleeping quarters are true staterooms, expansive and private. Instead of a cramped V-berth, there's a full forward cabin with storage space and a generous offset berth. The roomy forward head features its own separate shower that's enclosed by a Plexiglas door, not a plastic curtain. Together, the forward cabin and head offer luxurious liveability for extended stays. The same kind of comfort and convenience is provided in the aft stateroom, with its double berth and large hanging locker. Clever design and uncompromising craftsmanship are further evident in the main salon. Well illuminated and richly furnished in teak, this area takes full advantage of a wide beam. The result is a "living room" that's perfect for entertaining guests. The twin-leaf dining table folds up against the bulkhead for additional space. The aft head is located where it's convenient to the cockpit, and it's designed with two doors - one connecting the aft stateroom and one the main salon - so it can be accessed from either area without disturbing the other's occupants. The aft head is completely outfitted with pressurized hot and cold water and a shower. The efficient L-shaped galley includes a two-burner stove and oven, a large icebox, twin sinks, ample storage for food and utensils, and more than enough counter space to prepare multi-course meals. As well, the ventilation on the Caliber 40LRC is outstanding with fourteen opening portholes, seven overhead hatches, one solar fan, and two dorades, each placed for optimal air circulation.

Cruising the open sea is one of life's great adventures, but as experienced bluewater sailors know, the fun can easily be dampened by nasty surprises such as violent weather, uncooperative winds, questionable water supplies, and fuel rip-offs at out-of-the-way places. Fortunately for the owner of a Caliber 40LRC, such difficulties aren't so disheartening because the fuel and water tankage is designed for long-range capacity and dependability, to give you more freedom and control at sea. The fuel tanks on the 40LRC carry an astounding 230 gallons, which extends her motoring range many hundreds of miles beyond other boats in her class. When becalmed, or when a storm is threatening, the 40LRC can motor vast distances to reach more favorable conditions for sailing. As for water, the 40LRC hauls 195 gallons - sufficient to supply four people well beyond a month at sea. With capacities like these, the 40LRC won't constantly have to tank up at foreign ports, where the fuel and water prices may be high and the quality suspect. As further assurance against trouble, the Caliber 40LRC is equipped with dual tanks and filters for both fuel and water. Should a problem arise in one tank, a simple flip of a lever accesses the other.